The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

One of the NFL's Finest!

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The NFL’s problems are continuing to get worse, thanks to players who cannot seem to conduct themselves in an civilized manner.
Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell, mug shot above, was arrested Sunday morning in Atlanta for disorderly conduct.
Bodycam footage of the incident is just going to make the NFL’s already awful season even worse.
The incident occurred Sunday morning, when McDowell was arrested after he allegedly “flipped out at a club over money he thought he was owed.”
The arrest came after a Georgia policewoman said she saw him getting into a verbal altercation outside the front doors of a club called SL Lounge.
McDowell was allegedly shouting at the head of club security about $600 he wanted to be paid back according to the incident report.
Club staff, and a friend of McDowell, repeatedly told the athlete he had not paid the money he claimed he wanted returned.
He was allowed back inside only to be kicked out once more after he began ranting about the money again. He reportedly refused to leave the club without the cash.
The policewoman said she was told McDowell “poured out a couple bottles of liquor inside and got booted.” 
McDowell cursed at the officer, who managed to detain the player with the aid of her partner.
The officer said she thought she would have to taze McDowell or use pepper spray on him to calm him down, but did not need to use either.
Nevertheless, McDowell did not go quietly.
While attempting to put McDowell in the back of their cruiser, he was recorded on video saying, “F*** both of ya’ll hoe ass n*****, p**** ass cops, I bet I get out, I got more money than ya’ll, ya’ll ain’t got enough money for me, p**** ass crackers, broke ass n*****.”
Yet he was all in twist over $600 — money he apparently had never paid in the first place, such class.
Police booked McDowell for disorderly conduct. He was released on $325 bond.
McDowell is another example of the vapid entitlement, prima dona mentality that we see with so many NFL players. Once considered role models, these trouble-making football players are nothing but an embarrassment to their teams and the sport of football.

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Winners and Losers In Alabama

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Felon Vote Counted But Not Military Vote In Alabama!

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Hamas, Hamas (Reposted from 2014)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Your Watchman Was Dead Wrong On Judge Moore!

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Reader comment: I believe the Alabama senatorial election is a drain the swamp operation to uncover voter fraud.  Trump's language (see tweets) seems coded. Q posts seem to confirm this.  Jeffery Beauregard Sessions III vacates a seat where it is easy to point the finger at George Soros operatives.  Look at the call to destroy (and then preserve, and then not preserve) the electronic ballots.

Also, various coded "bread crumbs" dropped by Q posts have come to pass with extraordinary precision..........YB

So, why was Your Watchman dead wrong on Judge Moore, there are a few reasons:

1. It is very difficult to run a senatorial campaign without party money. 

2. Judge Moore's worst enemies weren't the lying women, it was the Rhino Republican Party that starved Judge Moore of money.

3. The large write-in vote killed the Judge.

4. Trump should have gone to Alabama for the Judge.

5. Most importantly, the Judge made stupid remarks about the southern ante-bellum period, talk about shooting yourself in both feet with the Black vote. 

6. Your Watchman, violated his own rule on betting college athletes, drunks and politicians accused of sexual harassment. The Judge got lumped in with all the other sexual predators and it killed him politically.

7. When it comes to the "Uni" parties (Republican and Democratic), conservative Christians need not apply. Mitch McConnell and the anti-Trumpers did not want Moore in the U.S. Senate. 

7. I am willing to bet $5.00 Doug Jones won't be re-elected.

How Did The Banksters Do This In 1988? Come hanno fatto i banchieri a farlo nel 1988?

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How could the globalist banksters plan thirty years ahead for a massive change in the monetary system, you might ask? Well, look no further than Bilderberg, where decades before the Eurozone and euro currency were created, they were in planning for it. With nearly everything at historic extremes something has to crack soon. Could 2018 be the planned year for it? A total currency reset and ushering in of a new world currency? 

Some people on the internet believe bitcoin is a globalist invention. They clearly do not understand power, control, or what bitcoin is. If they did, they’d know that bitcoin is the antidote to the New World Order, not the gateway. That’s because most of their power resides over control of the issuance of currency which they cannot control with bitcofin. Instead, what their game plan may be, is to put trillions of dollars into bitcoin to blow it up to massive extremes. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan has hinted at it going to $100,000 before going to zero. Saxo Bank also just released their “Outrageous Predictions for 2018” in which they say bitcoin will be “thrown to the wolves.” In it, they say: Bitcoin peaks in 2018 with Bitcoin above $60,000 and a market capitalisation of over $1 trillion as the advent of the Bitcoin futures contract in December 2017 leads to a groundswell of involvement by investors and funds that are more comfortable trading futures than tying up funds on cryptocurrency exchanges. China launches an officially backed cryptocurrency that entails less energy-intensive mining. The smoother functioning of the state-run protocols for actual payments and price stability, as well as the the heavy hand of state intervention, drives a decreasing interest in all cryptocurrencies and completely sidelines the Bitcoin and crypto phenomenon from a price speculation angle even as the technological promise of the blockchain gallops on. After its spectacular peak in 2018, Bitcoin crashes and limps into 2019 close to its fundamental “production cost” of $1,000. They predict, similar to Jamie Demon, that bitcoin will rise to $60,000 and then be burnt at the stake by the governments and central banks and end up at $1,000. 

Danielle DiMartino Booth, who spent nine years as an adviser to Richard Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, was recently asked, “Would governments necessarily allow private-based cryptocurrencies to coexist with government-based cryptocurrencies?” The following was her response: I would have to say no. What we have seen with the parabolic thousand point increase, and we are at a thousand points on November 29th, Bitcoin crossed the $10,000 mark and it didn’t even take it 12 hours to go across the $11,000 dollar mark. What we are witnessing is clearly a bubble that is going to implode on its own weight. I think that we can all hopefully agree on that; we are all adults in the room. But I think that central bankers know good and well that once these cryptocurrency bubbles burst, laying in their wake will be a very refined technology that allows central bank cryptocurrencies to rise up where they have left of . To your question, do I think that they will be allowed to coexist? – I think not. 

In other words, a connected insider is also of the view that the game plan is for bitcoin to crash, whether by design or not, and then to implement their own fiat cryptocurrency, backed by violence, and use violence to try to stop people from using non-state cryptocurrencies. This makes me believe that the globalists have chosen bitcoin to be the “fall guy” for the coming collapse… one in which they will then institute their own fiat cryptocurrency that they can control and issue. Interestingly, on the front cover of the Economist from 1988, the phoenix, pictured above, standing in a pile of burning fiat notes has a coin with the number 10 on it around its neck and the title says “Get Ready For A World Currency.” That 10 could also be construed to be a “1” and a “0”, or, in other words, binary. Computer code. But, if so, how could they have known that this would happen at this time, 2018, before the internet even existed in 1988? Some speculate that the globalists use black magic to foresee the future. Some also speculate that they know secrets to creating reality. In fact, we all create reality. The law of attraction is one example. Perhaps they tried to create reality but, because it is an imperfect art, they accidentally created bitcoin… which could potentially take down their entire system. How beautiful would that be? In any case, it is becoming quite clear that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been chosen as the scapegoat for the coming, preplanned collapse. If so, though, they’ll have to increase the size of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency bubble much larger than the current $450 billion market capitalization in order for it to be believable. The dot com bubble was $10 trillion, so they’d have to pump the crypto markets at least another 5-10x higher to get it anywhere near the same ballpark. Bitcoin at 5x higher than its current level brings it in line with Jamie Demon’s “$100,000 before it implodes” level. We will see soon enough how things play out. 
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The Illuminati Grand Wizard Le grand magicien des Illuminati

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Why Is DARPA Collecting DNA Codes of Russians and Enemy Groups? Почему DARPA собирает коды ДНК россиян и вражеских групп? Pochemu DARPA sobirayet kody DNK rossiyan i vrazheskikh grupp?

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Horrors Must Be Exposed!...... Gli orrori devono essere esposti!

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Shanksville Witness Susan McElwain.....Shanksville Zeugin Susan McElwain

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Debunking The Palestinian Lie.......تجريم الكذب الفلسطيني tajrim alkadhib alfilastinii

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Who Are The Palestinians.......من هم الفلسطينيون min hum alfilastiniuwn

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